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Thursday, November 6, 2008

A breath

May I pause to take a breath, please? Today, I finally could, and it was wonderful. Just to stop and breathe.
Lately, I've been so busy, waking up every morning with a long list of things that must be done and not enough time to do them. The last two were the worst, I won't get into Monday, but the insomnia set back in Monday night. I watched the hours tick away all night, until finally at 4 a.m. I gave up on the attempt and just took a shower. Afterward, I spread a towel over my pillow and managed to squeeze in about an hour and a half of sleep.
I had to wake up early Tuesday morning so I could get the papers' homepage news up before I had to run to a meeting at the girls' school. After that I had to drive in to the store (it's in another town - we only have a little tiny market here). I came back home to find that Pooh had just arrived home from work, so we went over to the church hall to vote - it was his first time. :) He's a bit of a political junkie too.
Fortunately, there was no line at the polling place. In fact, there was only one other person there voting when we arrived. So we signed in, cast our ballots, then back home so I could get back to working - and watching two football matches. I so love the sport. It's an art form. And the "artists" are works of art themselves. Could it possibly be any better?
But anyway, I finished up my work and started watching the election coverage. Just then, my friend F popped up online to say hello. He knows I'm a political junkie - and he is too - so we chatted as we waited for the polls to start closing. He's in Switzerland, so it was getting pretty late for him, but he hung in with me until after 9 p.m. my time. Then Z called, also knowing I'd be watching election results coming in. He was watching, too, from England. I guess the whole world really was watching this one. It wasn't exactly suspenseful, though. There was little doubt as to which way this one was going. We were all just waiting to watch it happen.
When the results came in I was back to working again. Up until 2 a.m. Then back into the office Wednesday morning.
And here I am up too late again after having 6 hours of sleep total in two nights. To bed right this minute.


Green said...

so for you was the election a good or bad result?

Mat said...

What? No election coverage?