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Sunday, November 23, 2008

The secret meanings of flowers

It's almost universal that the giving of flowers is one of the most romantic gestures a partner can make. The most romantic gesture of all is putting real thought into those flowers - not just the aesthetic arrangement, but the secret messages those flowers convey. 
Back in the 1800s, men and women used flowers to send  secret messages to each other. Since the propriety of the day would not allow lovers to express their feelings verbally, the Victorians developed an intricate language of feelings and emotions using flowers. 

If you want to say - Use these flowers

I am thinking about you - Asters
I love your innocence - Baby's Breath
I'll be faithful to you - Bird of Paradise (given to a man from a woman)
I send you luck - Bells of Ireland
I long for you - pink Camellia
You're adorable - white Camellia
I'll never forget you - pink Carnation
My heart aches for you - red Carnation
Wish I could be with you - striped Carnation
I'm disappointed - yellow Carnation
I seek the truth - white Chrysanthemum
You're the only one - Daffodil
I'm loyal to you - Daisy
I remember our good times - Forget-me-not
I'm anticipating our next meeting - Forsythia
You're my secret love - Gardenia
I'm sincere - Gladioli
My love will never fade - Globe Amaranth
Love at first sight - Gloxinia
I'm consumed by love - Hibiscus
I'm bonded to you in love - Honeysuckle
I'm feeling jealous - yellow Hyacinth
I give you a promise in love - Iris
I return your affection - Jonquil
I'm walking on air - yellow Lily
You've made my life complete - Lily of the Valley
Eternal love - Orange blossom
You are a beautiful woman - Orchid
Here's to a happy life - Peony
Our souls are united - Phlox
I can't live without you - Primrose
I desire you - coral Rose
I'm enchanted with you - lavender Rose
I'm fascinated with you - orange Rose
You give me perfect happiness - pink Rose
I am worthy of you - white Rose
I feel strong when you're around - Snapdragon
Elope with me - Spider Flower
I'm declaring my love - red Tulip
There's sunshine in your smile - yellow Tulip
Caught at last - Venus Flytrap
I vow my faithfulness - blue Violet
Let's take a chance on happiness - white Violet
My affection will last forever - magenta Zinnia


L. Venkata Subramaniam said...

who came up with these. I mean could I come up with my own list or is there some logic to this?

Goddess said...

These are traditional meanings - much like traditional meanings of baby names.

L. Venkata Subramaniam said...

aha but i guess we have lost the reasons attributed to such assignments. But very interesting none the less.

janed said...

hello..nice content..