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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Don't disturb the peace

The girls are out of school today - the first day of Thanksgiving break. My mother was unavailable so I had to work from home today, rather than go into the office as I usually do on Wednesdays.
It was all working out fairly well, at first. I got up and made my coffee. Munch popped her head into the room a few minutes later, but I told her she didn't have school so she could go on back to bed. Which she did, for a few minutes. Gin was still sleeping, so Munch went downstairs and made herself a bowl of cereal then entertained herself quietly for a while. When Gin got up later, she went downstairs and got a bowl of cereal, then headed back up to her room to read a book.
So the house was quiet. Gin was reading. Munch was eating, again. Mom was getting to work undisturbed - while also running downstairs periodically to work on the brine for tomorrow's turkey.
Then what did I do? I took the quiet and decided to spoil it. I suggested to Gin that she might want to get one of her chores started, so she could have it out of the way and go back to reading after. She begrudgingly obliged. Gin was grumpy, so she groused at Munch. Munch is ... well, Munch ..... so she took advantage and decided to aggravate Gin some more. Next thing I know, I'm trying to work but being distracted by banging and shouting coming from downstairs. I put my two cents in. Silence .... for about 15 secs. Then banging and shouting from upstairs. I put my two cents in. Oh...I think I hear more banging and shouting from downstairs again.
Everything was quiet. I screwed it up. Moral of the story: the chores can wait. Don't disturb the peace.

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