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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Random Rant - Glade Commercials

I hate the current commercial campaign for Glade air freshening products. Every time I watch, I cringe. This woman lies to her friends and family to make herself seem more wealthy, important, sophisticated, cultured, whatever. But she's a pretentious phony liar. She's sitting in her bathtub - but claims she's at the spa. She invites her pals over for yoga and claims the scent in the air is some exotic aromatherapy. She dumps a box of hard gingerbread cookies onto a plate and tries to pass off some canned fragrance as real cooking. I see that all the friends think this stuff smells great. And clearly the lying society wannabe thinks the stuff smells good. But what kind of ad campaign has the person using your products ashamed to admit she's using your products? And who are these friends who just laugh it off every time this woman lies to their faces? Is the humiliation funny enough that they don't mind she's a complete fake?


Rob said...

Thank god!! These commercials have been bugging the hell out of me for the past year. They need to go back to the old faithful about how it smells great and knocks out any odor, rather than keeping up this dumb gimic.

Nancy's Newsletter said...

I wonder what market research they did that convinced them to have this kind of ad campaign.

Is it to appeal to people who aspire to be upper class, but don't really believe it is morally right?

It's weird!