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Friday, November 7, 2008

Munch concerns

Munch had her second swim lesson this evening. She came home from school and immediately asked if she could change into her swimsuit. I told her that she could, but it was probably a mistake, because then she started asking every 20 minutes if it was time to go yet. Two hours later, yes, Munch, it's time to go. "Okay! I'll be waiting in the car!" She's so excited.
After swim lesson - and picking up our Thursday night pizza - I had to race to get the girls back home to drop them off so I could go to a parent/teacher conference for Munch at school. They schedule these things for 10-minute sessions. I was there for 40 minutes. Surprise, surprise - Munch is flighty, disorganized and unfocused. I know this. Every parent/teacher conference I've had has been the same. In fact, I've already gotten at least five phone calls from her teacher about her work habits this year alone. Funny thing is, we just got her report card, and it was four A's and a B, plus three Satisfactory marks with only one Needs Improvement. Any other school would think that was more than good enough, but our school is very "high involvement." It's a good thing, really, that the teachers are so concerned for their students, but REALLY. Well, I guess if we can get her focused, she'll be a little phenom.
I came home to cold pizza, but at least the kids saved me a slice. It was all I got to eat today.

All day today I'd planned a post on the Prop 8 passage in California and the other two gay marriage bans that passed on Tuesday, but it's getting too late tonight. I'll get to it tomorrow. I've been reading news stories and blog entries - as well as thousands of comments on them - and I've got a hell of a lot to say on that one myself. Stay tuned.


KareR said...

Your banner photo of the three sets of children sharing 'sugar' is precious. Odd, considering the topic, that you picked pictures of boy/girl, boy/girl, and boy/girl :)

Goddess said...

It's one topic of one post - that's not the theme of my entire blog.