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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Party to attend

My friend L at work had a party yesterday for her husband's 40th birthday, and she invited me and the kids to join in the festivities. I took along Gin, Munch and Book, hoping that Book would be able to manage with the crowd. It was my first party since all those graduation parties back in May and June. Those weren't a lot of fun for me, since they came immediately following my break-up and I was kind of a mess. (Ok, if anyone remembers back that far, clearly, I was a lot more than "kind of" a mess.....)
First thing when we arrived at L's, Book decided to take a seat in the kiddie pool sitting on the front porch for the apple bobbing. "It looked like a chair," he told me, so we did the best we could drying the back of his jeans with a hair dryer.
Once all the kids arrived, they started into the apple bobbing in the kiddie pool. I had to laugh at Munch as she critically assessed the pool and stated, "There needs to be more water." It didn't matter that it was cold out or that most of the kids playing were very little ones who certainly shouldn't be sticking their faces into a big tub of water with their hands behind their backs. Though I tried explaining this to her, she still felt that, if not the rules, then at least the spirit of the game was violated if the apples were not in deeper water. She's 7 years old, folks, but don't ever ask me to explain how her mind works. I don't think I'll ever understand it. Anyway....
After that, L brought the kids in to decorate mini pumpkins and gourds and color some Halloween pictures. That kept them all well-occupied for a pretty impressive amount of time, until they all decided they'd like to get into a mass boxing match with the birthday balloons. It was a surprisingly controlled chaos. Eventually they started to wind down, and they started watching a movie together. The funny thing was, when the kids left the art table for the movie, about a third of the adults decided to take over the art table and color some pictures themselves. It was just such a classic picture to see all of them hunched over their big bat and pumpkin and haunted house printables with their crayons and markers and colored pencils. Hehe.
Gin ate four bowls of chili and a bowl of chowder and a giant slice of chocolate and red velvet cake. How that tiny, skinny little child can pack so much away, I'll never know. Munch was more into the coloring than eating (yes - she likes art THAT much), so she just had a small bowl of the chowder and some cake. * Munch's passions are, in order: 1) chocolate; 2) drawing; 3) many other foods; 4) TV; 5) all other foods; 6) anything else. She's lucky she's got skinny genes, or she'd be as round as she is tall by now.
We left the party about 9:30 pm, when Book decided he'd had enough. He doesn't do well in noisy environments. It's overstimulating for him, so parties and such gatherings generally don't last long. Actually, he lasted a lot longer than I expected.
It was about a 45-minute drive home, and by the time we got there, the kids were pretty much done. They came right in and got ready for bed. I wasn't far behind. I must be getting old. Still, it was nice to get out and be around different people again. It's been too long, and I've become too much of a hermit lately.

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