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Monday, October 26, 2009

Getting the news via Facebook status... again

Well, it appears that my son Pooh and his girlfriend have broken up. I found this out in the same way that I found it out the last time: via his Facebook status. She is on my friend list as well,so I waited to see what would appear on hers. It finally changed, saying only that he is a great man and whatever woman ends up with him will be blessed. "But other than that I don't want to talk about it."

I have no idea what might have brought this on, as he has not yet come to me about it. I don't know that he will. Last time they split up, he actually told me - when I asked him about it - that he'd put it on his Facebook status as his way of telling me. Fairly apparent he's done that again, but this time, I would like to see if he comes to me. It's struck me out of the blue much the same as it did last time too. She was here just a couple of days ago, and they were giggling and having fun just as they always do. They made a remarkably good couple, and I've always liked her - despite some personal issues that she's had in her past. They were good influences on each other, and I never had to worry about any trouble from either of them. Frankly, I'd expected them to end up getting married. Not soon. They both want to get school out of the way and establish themselves first. But they just "felt" like a match all the way.

I expect him to come to me within the next few days, if I don't end up just doing it myself. Which I probably will. I wonder this time if it's really and truly over for good. It certainly caught me off guard.

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Lola said...

I wonder how many other kids notify their parents similarly on fb. Interesting sign of the times.