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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Crap day yesterday...slight improvement today

Yesterday just SUCKED! Starting with getting up early to watch the Man Utd game, fighting to find a decent stream (which I never did manage to do), only getting to watch tiny bits and pieces of it on a VERY CHOPPY stream, and then watching them LOSE 1-4 to LIVERPOOL! I almost would have rather seen them lose to Inter, although, then they would have been out of the Champions League race.

After the match, I was in a crappy mood, and the kids decided to be NIGHTMARES all day long, so it didn't get any better.

Today was a bit better though. Even though the kids were still in top nightmare form all morning, after we took Book back to his dad's house, the girls and I stopped for lunch. I couldn't really afford a lunch out, but Munch starting crying and made me feel guilty that I can't give them what I used to anymore. So I took them out anyway, and they were all smiles again. If her father weren't a complete loser and actually contributed to their support, I wouldn't have to deny them these little treats every once in a while.

So we did a quick grocery shopping trip, and would you believe it?!?! I came home to a clean living room. My mother was there, so naturally I assumed it had to have been her. She said it wasn't. Well, it couldn't have been my 18-year-old son Pooh.....could it?! Alas, no, it wasn't. Seems his girlfriend took it upon herself to clean up the living room that she's heard me tell Pooh to do for the past week. Wonder if that made him feel the slightest bit guilty....

I got to watch the second half of the Inter Milan/Fiorentina match online. I got a good stream and everything. AND I got to see them WIN! It was a little bit of a lift after Man Utd's miserable defeat yesterday.

I'm making Mexican tonight, and I've already got a column topic in mind, so that should be easy. Should be fairly painless for the rest of the day.

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