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Thursday, March 12, 2009

I wuvs me footie.....

I had to fight with the streaming videos all afternoon, but in the end I got to see my Man United boys take down Inter Milan to move on the the top eight in the Champions League tournament. Of course, Inter's my second favorite club, so I would have liked to have seen more of them. It was just bad luck on their part that they drew Manchester United in the first round. Yesterday's results showed the English football is clearly dominating in Europe this year. And NO Italian teams are moving on? Something wrong with that. What's happening with Italian football?

Bayern Munich will be moving on as well. Their 12-1 aggregate in the round of 16 was almost embarrassing, but who cares? I get to watch my favorite player, Luca Toni, some more. No complaints about that! Hope they don't draw Man Utd for the next round though. I'll be so conflicted. I'll be pulling for Man Utd to win and Luca to score. That's the best I can do. Sorry, van der Sar. I can't hope for a clean sheet for you if Luca's on the pitch. He's sooooooo sexy when he's happy. :) Of course, he's also sexy when he's sad. And when he's just sitting or walking, probably while he's sleeping too (that's a sight I wouldn't mind seeing...... Oops, did I just say that? ;) Yes, I did.) If they end up playing each other this tournament, I think I'll have to wear my Toni jersey with my Man Utd scarf and probably not blink for 90 mins. It would be a fun final, but I'm predicting an all-England final myself.

I read a news story today complaining that the Champions League is looking like a glorified English Premier League. I say, who cares? The best are the best. If the rest of Europe want to get in on the fun, they just have to play better don't they?

I also read today that Manchester City are courting David Villa and David Silva. All I can say there is, "Nooooo!" Villa's one of my favorite players, and though I'd like to get to see him more, (don't get much opportunity to see Valencia) I certainly don't want to see him go to City. They can have Silva.

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