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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Well, I had to weigh in on it again.....

Good news in New England as the Vermont Senate passes a bill to legalize marriage in the state. Votes are set in New Hampshire and Maine as well. Another good article on it here.

As usual, the opponents of this measure are basing their arguments primarily on religion, so of course I had to register at Boston.com just so I could throw my two cents in on the matter as well. I reiterated what I said in this post about the religious argument against gay marriage, namely that CHURCH LAW DOES NOT APPLY. Church law is not relevant in the question of legalizing gay marriage because it is about STATE LAW, not doctrine. Religion is as irrelevant in this argument as it would be in any other LEGAL issue. Can you IMAGINE if we had to consider church law in every legal case?! What a nightmare that would be! And which religion would get to have the final say in the matter, anyway? We don't have a state religion. There's an amendment specifically forbidding that. Until such time as that amendment is revoked, CHURCH DOCTRINE IRRELEVANT IN THE MAKING OF MAN'S LAW! Quoting Sen. John Campbell, chair of the senate judiciary committee and chief sponsor of the bill, "We will defend the Bible in church, and we will defend the constitution in here."

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