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Tuesday, March 3, 2009


I am reclaiming my identity. I informed the editors at my three papers today that they'll need to change my byline. I'm going back to my maiden name. I kept my married name because my daughters have it, but I see no further need to have that stamp of my ex-husband's ownership on me. I can't wait until he reads my column. He'll probably pick up a paper tomorrow, because one of his friends got arrested yesterday (his friends get arrested on a regular basis). This particular friend of his did a stint in prison for cocaine and now has apparently been arrested for rape. These are good people, aren't they? Anyway, the ex called me to ask if I knew anything about it (working at the paper, I often get the 'inside scoop' before it goes public). I didn't, but I mentioned that if he was arrested yesterday, it will be in the paper tomorrow. (We're no longer publishing on Tuesdays thanks to our glorious economy.) My column will be in the paper tomorrow. When he sees my maiden name next to my picture.....SURPRISE! Get it yet?

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Natural said...

good for you. i hope you report back with his reaction.