"I want, I want, I want ... but that's crazy"

Monday, February 16, 2009


I hate Valentine's Day, you know? I really do. I hate having that reminder of the fact that I'm alone, even though most of the time, the fact that I'm alone isn't all that terribly distressing. Granted, it's been bugging me more lately. It's just that, when I'm alone, ALL I am is work and 'mom.' It seems like there isn't any 'me' in there.

Got that new Taylor Swift tune, 'Love Story,' stuck in my head. It's no surprise. It's on every time I turn on the radio.

It was Big Jim's birthday in the office today. Mel decorated his cubicle with balloons and streamers for him last night. That makes it official. I'm the only person in the department who didn't even get acknowledged for her birthday. And the only person who even bothered to tell me Happy Birthday got laid off, so she doesn't work with me anymore. I am destined to be entirely alone, aren't I? No friends. No partner. Life just keeps isolating me further.

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