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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Great game today!

Got my footie fix today! I got to watch the Inter Milano-Manchester United game at my parents house on their big screen HD TV. Hell of a game it was too...
Inter were really off the first half, and Manchester United clearly dominated. Man Utd missed some key opportunities in the first half, but Cesar was there to meet all the valid challenges brilliantly.
Everything turned around in the second half and Inter came out on the attack, finally giving Van der Saar something to do other than sit back and twiddle his thumbs. Man Utd seemed a little spent during the second half, but they showed some bursts of brilliance, just none able to make it through to the goal.
Ronaldo was on fire the first half but missed some key chances in both the first and the second halves - not that Cesar ever let up for a second on those that were on the mark. Rooney didn't come in until about 10 minutes remaining in the game, but Park, who he replaced, was hard on the attack the whole game.
Final score: 0-0 with another match-up between these two coming in 15 days at Old Trafford. The pressure's on.....

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