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Thursday, February 26, 2009

That pain in the pit of my belly....

Hey, I learned something new. Did you know that you can develop lactose intolerance? I didn't. I mean, sure, I thought maybe some people who were lactose intolerant sort of developed it as they got older and things didn't start working so well. But really, I thought most people who had it were basically born that way - hence, soy formulas for babies. I understand the concept - cow juice not made for people. But most of us seem to have a pretty good relationship with our dairy, so I really didn't think it was all that widespread.
Whaddya know?
I started getting some ... um .... curious symptoms that seemed to appear after eating dairy, so I did some research. Apparently, about 80% (yes 8-0) of people develop lactose intolerance. Eighty percent. Does it seem to you like 20% of people are eating all that dairy and the rest are sitting back in envy? Or do those pills for lactose intolerance really sell that well? You'd think it would be a pretty big selling point that they'd want in big numbers on their commercials - "80 percent of all people develop lactose intolerance." For those who are eating dairy among those 80 percent and are not taking medications, are they just suffering through excruciating stomach aches and assaulting their loved ones' olfactory senses with their noxious releases?
Personally, I bought the pills. They're cheap, and they enable me to have a glass of milk with my cookies.
Still blows my mind though......80%?!?
And since apparently so many of us are affected by it, here's a good link for information from the National Digestive Diseases Information Clearinghouse (it's a government thing......I don't know who named it....)


Myraine said...

Nice post! Very unique and personal style of writing. Surely, I will follow your blogs.

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kreations said...

well that is quite crazy 80% I know you can randomly develop allergies to anything.
Sometimes I seem to get symptoms that are "enhanced" when I drink dairy, but I take probitoics to relieve them. They help me out alot