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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

This was just fun :)

I went to Social Spark to find a post, and I spent a whole afternoon having fun with this one!

The site is called MagNext , and it's this cool little online gaming world that's simple enough for those nongamers of us out there to actually enjoy. The site seems to be aimed at preteen kids, in terms of skill level required, but younger kids (and their parents) can enjoy it as well.
I had fun with the rollercoaster game, because it was an easy way to get my feet wet and pick up a few points. There's a one-player hot rodding game too, called the Spheron Speed Challenge (see screen cap below for a view of the beginning of it), for those of you, like me, who are a little nervous about diving into the interactive portion right away. This is a fun one to try to beat your own best and master the art of the perfect start for big points.
When you are ready to go interactive, you can hit the arena and challenge other players to gladiator-like competitions. You collect Magz and special gear, and you can use your Magz in The Shop to deck out your little magnet dude (your Sphere) with all kinds of special looks.
You collect XP the easy way - by hanging around in the rooms. The more time you stay there, the more XP you get. There's a Showroom that displays the line of Magnext magnetic toys, and a Gallery is coming soon, for users to display their own creations made with Magnext.


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