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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Two meetings and much wasted time

After my insomnia reared its ugly head again Tuesday night, I opted for a sleeping pill to knock me out last night. I knew I had a busy day ahead today, so I couldn't possibly go on any longer. I've been exhausted, which finally manifested itself into a full-blown, excruciating, dear-god-let-someone-kill-me-now-and-end-this-pain kind of migraine yesterday. I got some sleep last night, but the headache hung on into today as well.
I started off my work in the morning at home, but then I had to drive the one of our newspaper offices for a meeting at noon. The editor wanted to keep it to about 20 minutes - it went on for an hour and a half. I've discovered that it's damn near impossible trying to explain anything to other people about how I will do my job when they have no idea what I do in my job. Finally, I just nodded and smiled, knowing that I would resolve the problem presented to me just fine, and they could see the end result without ever knowing what kind of work went into it. Such is the life of a webmaster in a non-tech industry, I think.
After that meeting, I had to head north to one of our other newspapers for another meeting later in the afternoon. That one went a little more easily, because it's my home base, I think. They didn't ask me how I would do what needed to be done. They just said, "Ok, what do you need from us?" I told them, and they trusted that I would get the job done right, as I always do. It's so much easier that way. Why do people waste my time asking for explanations when they're not going to understand anyway? I ALWAYS come through and get the job done right. They don't need to know how.
Anyway, it made for a long day, and I'm back in the office tomorrow. I think I won't bother to wait to lie awake tonight. I'll take the pill and just sleep.

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