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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Good shopping :)

I went shopping with my mom today. She wanted to find me some new jeans for Christmas, so we went up to Old Navy, which was the source of my favorite jeans ever (jeans that have since disintegrated, so my wardrobe's been missing a "favorite pair of jeans" for a while now). As luck would have it, I picked out two pairs, tried them on, and they were both a perfect fit. How often does that happen? She got me a new pair of pajama pants too.

After that, we hit another store and happened to come across a couple of perfect Christmas gifts for my son Pooh. He's extremely hard to buy for, so we weren't about to pass that up.

Stop number 3 was a kitchen store, at which I was able to find a replacement for a recently broken kitchen gadget for $5 less than the previous one I'd bought, and it appears to be of higher quality and more durable than the last one as well.

In another store, I bought a new webcam, as the one I have for some reason disconnects me from the internet whenever I plug it in. Kind of negates the whole purpose of a webcam. When I got home, I hooked up the new one, and it seems to work perfectly. It's plugged in right now, and I'm still online. Seems that's another problem solved.

To top off the day, we stopped for Cinnabon. :) How much better can it get?

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