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Sunday, November 15, 2009

A new idea in the works

I was having a dream the other night - I won't get into the details - but as I was waking up a phrase repeated in my head. I thought it sounded like the name of a pretty cool drink. So I got up at 3 a.m., logged onto my computer and looked it up. As far as I could tell, it didn't exist.

A concept started developing in my head. What would this drink be? It all came together in my head perfectly. It was a little complicated, but I could work out the details.

This is part of my nature. I feel the need to create. It comes out of me in lots of different ways. I used to crochet a lot, because I wanted to make something out of nothing. I found that to be very satisfying, but unfortunately, my joints being what they are, eventually it reached the point that my wrists really couldn't take it anymore. I couldn't crochet more than a few rows before the pain became too much, and I'd find myself either pushing through and causing myself too much pain and then setting it aside for so long that my creative beginnings kept going unfinished.

Over the past few years, I've been letting my creative juices flow through my cooking. And of course, throughout everything, much of my creativity is expressed through my writing (don't expect it here - this is just a brain vent, not creativity but a pressure valve).

So anyway, my very first attempt at developing a drink is coming along nicely. I bought the necessary ingredients and made my first go of it last night. I wasn't able to attempt the full concept, but I've got the flavor right. I'll buy some glasses today and start sorting out the details. If I can get it all worked out, I'll have a grand unveiling. In the meantime, I'll be drinking. :)

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