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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Bitter cold and unreliable connections

The wind and cold has been brutal today. We've had a little snow, but it's come in tiny little pellets, and the fierce wind is blowing it all away. I always wonder where it's collecting.
I was listening to the wind all morning before I had to go out. It sounded as if it would tear the roof off the house, it was gusting so strongly at times. I hoped that it would die down a bit before we had to go out, but no such luck.
We took Book home to his dad's, as per our usual Sunday schedule. I've arranged with his dad to pick him up on Christmas Eve, so we can do our Christmas at my mother's that night. Then we'll open presents Christmas morning at my house before I take him home again. That way, he gets to be with his siblings for all of the Christmas festivities and isn't excluded from any of it.
After dropping him off, the girls and I went out to my parents' house, and then we all went into town for lunch. That was a break from the routine, but we had an ulterior motive. Pooh's cell phone service has been horrible, so my parents decided to take out a cell phone contract and include him on it in a family plan. They're both on prepaid service now, and my mother pays my son's cell phone bill on his contract. With such bad service, we decided that paying the fee to break that contract was worthwhile, and combining them all on one will ultimately prove to be cheaper each month than the separate bills. I considered joining in on it myself, but I'm happy with my service and the cost. And more importantly, international calling would be much more on their plan. Considering all of my connections are trending international, I'll stick with my own plan.
The wind kept blowing and the temperature kept dropping. By the time we were finished with lunch and went to the grocery store, it was so bad that we were outside in it for only seconds before it actually made our skin hurt. I suspect frostbite would take only a few minutes in this kind of cold, dry wind.
I already received notification that school has been delayed for tomorrow morning. There's no snow accumulation, so I have to assume that it's the wind and cold and that it's expected to continue through the night.
My internet connection has been spotty at best recently, but tonight, it's been abysmal. It was down for the first three hours after I got home, returned for just a few minutes, went back down for almost two more hours, was up for two hours, and now it's down again. (I'm writing offline, with hopes that the connection will return in time for me to post this before bed.)
My whole life is online. I was even inspired to write my column about that fact tonight. (I took advantage of one of the brief windows of connection to e-mail it in. Good thing. I would have missed a deadline.) The column was far too long, but I didn't have access to my word count tool on Google, so I didn't know until it was finished and I was ready to send it in. I was afraid to start trimming for fear the connection would drop before I was finished, and I wouldn't be able to send it in.
Now, I'll go back to reading my book and hope that my connection returns before I go to bed, so I can post this.

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