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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Weather and holiday indulgences

The weather's been crazy lately, hasn't it? We've had ice storms, rain storms, snow showers, bitter cold, brutal wind... Friday we had a deluge, complete with thunder - actual thunder on Dec. 26. That just seems crazy. The temp was just at freezing when it first started, cold enough to put down a glaze of ice. I know - I wiped out on it at work. Saturday, the temp went into the mid-60s. We didn't even need a jacket. Overnight, the wind kicked up, blowing the branches out of the trees and causing the temperature to plunge again. The rivers are running bank-full, and there's standing water all over the place. Just a couple more degrees' drop, and it will all be frozen again.
I'm predicting 8-foot snowdrifts in February. Yeah, that would be just my luck.

And in honor of the holiday season culinary indulgences.....

As you're resisting those holiday treats, consider this: Are you able to appreciate a tiny, perfect moment? Consider what I got for a measly 60 calories:

I sit here quietly savoring this delectable chocolate-covered cherry. I carefully pop the bottom of the chocolate off, creating a small chocolate cup filled with liqueur and a cherry. I hold the cup perched in three fingers while I allow the piece of chocolate in my mouth to slowly melt over my tongue. The warmth from my fingertips begins to melt the chocolate cup. After the chocolate in my mouth has melted, I sip the liqueur from the miniature cup around the cherry, then nibble away at the sides of the cup until I am left with just a tiny cap of chocolate holding the prize: the beautiful, red cherry on its tiny cap of chocolate resting in a puddle of the last of the liqueur. I scoop the cherry up with my tongue and bite into it. The cherry liqueur drips down my chin. After I've savored the texture and flavor of the cherry, I get the final touch of joy found in licking the melted chocolate from my fingertips.

All that for 60 calories.

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