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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Reading and other projects

My Internet connection problems have been a bit of a nightmare for me lately - meaning it's down now for HOURS at a time. It's been odd though. I've picked up books to occupy my idle mind when I can't do my usual web surfing. I've read three books in their entirety, in addition to finishing one that I've been reading in bits and pieces for several weeks now. It makes me want to buy more books, but when I go through one every day or so, it really adds up. Besides, I don't have any room for any more books. I have stacks and boxes of them all over the place as it is. You see? I need the infinite resources of the Internet to keep my mind occupied. It is constantly in consumption mode and must be taking in information at all times, it seems.
I have forced myself to have some quiet time each day though. I'd gotten away from my meditations for too long, and now I'm having to ease back in. I'll have to just have my quiet time for a few days before I'll be able to focus sufficiently to really get any good meditation in.
I've got a new project. (I almost always have to have some kind of "project.") This time, I'm making wine. It's just "hobo wine," but it's an experiment that I thought might be kind of fun to try. Kind of like learning how to fold a T-shirt in two seconds. That one was kind of nifty too. So anyway, I'll let you know how the wine turns out when it's ready. :) Woohoo!

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kreations said...

I had the book problem before too, especially while my husband and I were going to school full time and sharing a computer! I joined a book club Zooba. It is just $9.95 per book and they just send you a book a month off your list kinda like Netflix. Then I would take my books and trade them in at the used book store and get a few more books. It worked well for me at the time.