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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Open door

I woke up this morning to an unusually warm bedroom. What this usually means is that my son Pooh, who works early shifts at McDonald's, turned up the heat before he left the house and forgot to turn it back down. When I say turned up the heat, what I mean is that he's pushed the thermostat all the way up to the top to try to quickly warm up the house. I couldn't believe that this could have happened, as just two days ago he did it, and I made it clear - in no uncertain terms - that he was not to touch the thermostat again unless he plans to pay the heating bill.
Well, I opened the door to my room, and rather than being struck by a wave of warm air, I found myself in a freezer in my hallway.
It seems he'd neglected to pull the door shut all the way, and as usual, he did not lock it. The latch on my front door doesn't work properly since my ex-husband "fixed" it a couple of years ago, so it blows open rather frequently if it's not kept locked or properly latched.
So the front door was standing wide open to the world, for probably at least a couple of hours. Fortunately, I'm in a very safe little tiny town, so when the door stands wide open - even all day long - nothing is disturbed inside. Of course, my heat bill is sure to be completely outrageous, and I'm completely broke. The heater had kept running trying to get the house to 68 degrees, and my room with its closed door was a good indicator that it had been cranking out the heat for a while.
We're also searching for a cat who wandered into the house and has hidden himself so effectively that we're not even sure which floor he's on.
The cat will wait, I suppose, until he gets hungry enough to show himself.
And I've GOT to find a way to get some more cash, or I'll find myself moving my children and myself into my mother's house before winter's through.

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