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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Another birthday

Another lousy birthday's come and gone - or almost gone, anyway. Today consisted of making myself a cup of coffee, going to the BMV to renew my vehicle registrations (not one other person there, so I was in and out in under two minutes - that was the high point of my day), coming home and .... nothing.

That's it.

I got the usual slew of birthday greetings from a bunch of people on Facebook, thanks to those handy little reminders they post on your home page. Of course, I didn't even get an acknowledgement from several people who are actually supposed to be my "real" friends. D went so far as to actively ignore me. Enough of that one, I think. My mother did take the time to call me on her break at work. My son Pooh gave me his gift last night because he knew he'd be gone all day today at school and work.

Honestly, I think I should just stop all recognition of my birthday altogether. It manages to do nothing but bring me down. I couldn't care less about my age. That's not even the issue.

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