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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Busy weekend coming up.... starting now

I've got an unbelievably busy weekend ahead of me. My editor Jeff has asked me not only to pick up a feature story that one of his regular reporters didn't have time to do, he's also asked me to cover Applefest ALL WEEKEND LONG! I'm considerably less thrilled about it knowing that after the deductions for unemployment, I'll really only be making $8 per story for it. Not even worth the effort, really - except that it keeps me valuable to them and thus might turn out to be worthwhile down the road (whenever that mystical "revenue" goes up, and they can start hiring again.)

I suppose, at least, that it'll keep the kids moderately occupied - though I expect they'll not be all that interested.

It starts tonight with an event at the historical society. Then I have to attend the festival all day tomorrow, all day Saturday and all day Sunday. Joy. I just love these things. Still - it's work. And somehow I can't just not work, even if I'm pretty much getting paid nothing for it. Karma should start paying off at some point, shouldn't it? I mean, I have built up a pretty hefty bank of it by now.

I told Jeff that I wouldn't be able to cover anything else next week because I can't earn too much. If the deductions go too high, my child support for Book won't be covered by my unemployment check. He sent me an e-mail this morning begging me to cover city council next week, so of course, I told him I would. That will cut me right to the edge and mean that my check will be almost nothing. I'll have to wait more than a month before I get paid for the freelance work.

I have applied for another job that looks like a really exciting opportunity, and I think I'd be well suited for it. It's really just the kind of thing I've been looking for to get out of journalism and into more of a PR/marketing kind of gig. I've been thinking about making that kind of move for a long, long time now. Journalism tends to make one cynical, while PR and marketing are all about the "positive spin." It's a morale thing. :) Fingers crossed (both to get the job AND that it doesn't end up costing me my upcoming long weekend in paradise ... that's a morale boost I REALLY need!)

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