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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Find your bliss!

Lose the ugly and find your bliss! Upload your ugly for a chance to win an LG Bliss phone. Check out the gallery of ugly on the LG Bliss Facebook page.

We've all got something ugly in our lives we could do without, right? I'd upload a picture of my ex-husband, but I've destroyed most of those. :)

You can upload pictures or videos of your ugly stuff, be it old outdated electronics, that awful sweater your aunt gave you for Christmas or the neighbor's nasty dog, and enter for a chance to win a sleek and sexy new LG Bliss phone!

When you upload your ugly pic, you're automatically entered to win an LG Bliss, exclusively on the U.S. Cellular network, or a $50 gift card.

The contest runs through Nov. 6, 2009.

There will be five grand prize winners of a brand new LG Bliss phone and 50 second prize winners of a $50 gift card. You can enter only once per Facebook account, and you must be 18 to enter.

So take one last picture of those neon parachute pants before you burn them. Shoot a video of you taking a hammer to that collection of plaster of Paris gnomes that's always creeped you out a little bit. Scan that photo of you in the ninth grade that you've always hated before sending it through the paper shredder. Upload your ugly on the
LG Bliss Facebook Fan Page and find your Bliss instead. You deserve it, don't you?


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