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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Working day

I'm going to be working all day today. I might be looking forward to it if I were getting any kind of financial benefit out of it, but the way unemployment is set up with them deducting 80 percent of your earnings from your benefit check, it seems to be to be a tremendous waste of time. The only advantage in this for me is that I know I will be the person called when a job finally opens on one of the papers. Of course, that might take so long that I'll already have another job by then.

One of the old reporters had to have a pacemaker put in on Friday, and I got a panicked phone call asking if I could do his work while he's off. Well, I can do some of it anyway. I'll be working the whole shift in the office tonight. Then I've got to cover the city council meeting for him tomorrow, but I already have another assignment to do tomorrow as well.

It's a busy couple of days, and I'll get next to nothing for it except the loss of my time. Perhaps if the old reporter decides that he's done working for good (he's in his 80s), the publisher will relent and decide that his position can be filled. After all, his loss would leave the paper with just one full-time reporter. They're not THAT stupid, are they?

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