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Friday, September 25, 2009

Flashback for my Friday

Tonight was a flashback for me. One of the old reporters at my old paper had to go in to have a pacemaker put in this morning, so I got a frantic phone call yesterday afternoon from the news editor asking if there'd be any way I could come in tonight and help out. She asked me to do the full 1-10 shift, but I told her that I couldn't. I said I'd come in 6-10 instead. So there I was back at the old office, typing in obits and paginating pages again. I haven't done pagination there in almost three years, I think. And there's been a redesign and a change in the story filing system since then. Still, I picked it all back up pretty quickly. I used the story filing system at my last job when I was paginating, and the redesign wasn't really all that complicated.

While I was there, the editor came and said, "Look at you! It's like you never left!" I know he wishes I hadn't. I do too.

I ended up only having to stay until a little after 9. I'm home having a glass of wine now and listening to my new young neighbors party next door. The girls are gone for the night, so other than the sounds coming through the wall, it's really pretty quiet at home. Maybe I'll catch up on some sleep. Doubtful, but one can hope.

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