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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Footie fun with four fine fellas!

Some of us would LOVE to spend a day playing around at a real premier league football (that's soccer for the Americans) training ground. Of course, my first choice would be Manchester United's Carrington, but, ya know, "when in Rome" ... or in this case, Newcastle. 

What better way to get a football club to let you play around their training pitch all day than to say, "Hi, we're 4/5 of One Direction! And we've got these big 3D cameras following us around, so you'll get massive publicity from our film and probably lots of merchandise sales!"? I don't know if that's the approach they used, but it worked.

So the boys brought along the cameras -

via @1Dliveupdates on Twitter
Louis got well into the action (he's known to be a damn fine footballer)

via @Navigating1D on Twitter
Liam looked mighty fine even just hanging out post play, here with Josh Devine, their drummer, and Andy Samuels, Liam's longtime friend and former flatmate. (You can see Louis back there too.)

Uncredited repost via Twitter

There was a very poignant moment too, when Louis reportedly saw and hugged his real dad, Troy Austin.

Uncredited repost via Twitter

Troy Austin gave an interview to the Sunday Mirror in March, stating that he would like to reunite with his son, who was raised by Louis' mother, Johanna, and his stepfather, whose name he took.

Louis' reaction to that interview was less than pleased, to say the least. 

Oh and here's a gratuitous shirtless Harry Styles pic - only it's NOT gratuitous, because it's from today and therefore perfectly relevant! So there. :P

Uncredited via Twitter (but whoever snapped it can have my first born.
That's a good deal, because he's a cute, smart and funny 22-year-old. My
first-born, that is. Yes, my first-born is older than my curly beloved.
Stop judging me!)

Zayn missed out on the filming to hang out with Perrie, and the boys performed their third and final show in Newcastle. Harry reportedly learned his lesson from Liam's little prank  a few days ago in London and wore a belt this time!

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