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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Vas happening!

I completely forgot that I was going to add in a bit of current news and rumours in yesterday's post, but hey, we've got big news today, so let's start there —


Niall Horan posted a before and after picture to his official Twitter account at @NiallOfficial around noon my time (Eastern Daylight Time) today. I was sitting in the parking lot of the sheriff's office, having picked up some papers for work, when I pulled out my Blackberry, opened my Twitter and squee'd - in full view of jail inmates watching out their windows. Yep, I squee'd.

We also have confirmed (I think) new chest tattoos on Zayn Malik and Louis Tomlinson.

Here's part of Zayn's anyway

Louis also got "The Rogue" tattooed on his ankles. (The one on his chest reportedly says, "Dream Big" but I haven't seen that one yet.

Harry Styles, my curly little beloved, got a haircut.

And Liam Payne must have been really angered by something because he told off the paparazzi big time on his Twitter.

Rumour has it, Danielle (that's Danielle Peazer, Liam's girlfriend) was knocked over by some paps trying to get at Liam. Yep, that would do it.

Aaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnndddd, after watching the number go up and down for about three hours, I personally watched Harry's Twitter break 12 million followers tonight! (It was very exciting. :) )

Edit: Duh! I forgot I HAD seen a bit of the new Louis chest tattoo on Eleanor Calder's Instagram (she's his beautiful girlfriend, btw.) See here

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