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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Where's Zayn?

The world stopped turning momentarily today, and it had nothing to do with North Korea. No, Zayn Malik turned up late for a One Direction concert at London's O2 Arena. All kinds of rumours were flying. Was he kidnapped? Was he leaving the band? Was he killed in a horrible auto accident? (Traffic apparently really sucked today in London). No, he stopped for Starbucks. And then he got stuck in traffic. Niall Horan and Harry Styles (my still-beloved-slightly-less-curly one) also, separately, got stuck in traffic, but they made it on time. I guess they didn't want Starbucks. Or they left earlier. Liam plans ahead. And Louis, well, I assume he just got lucky.

...... Wait. I mean in getting to the O2. Not, like, "got lucky." ......

This was something like their 837th concert at the O2 so far this tour, so it's not as if everyone within driving distance of London (aka, the entire island) hasn't seen the boys yet. But they were filming for their 3D movie (coming this summer, "This is Us"), so ya know, it was kind of bad timing for Zayn to be late. It may now be immortalized for Directioners for all time - and they (ok ... "we") will now watch it approximately a million times - each.

Once he got there, though, I hear he hit his highest note EVER

Well, it's certainly not the first time we will have heard the question, "Where's Zayn?" We've been familiar with that one since the beginning.

It pops up on Twitter a lot as well. I suspect he lurks and giggles at all the Directioners going insane. Or, should I say "inZayn".... ;)

Oh, and here's an unrelated pic of what I want to wake up to in the morning. :)

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