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Saturday, April 6, 2013

The girlfriends

Three of the One Direction boys are currently in confirmed relationships. Louis, Liam and Zayn all have girlfriends. (Harry and I are keeping it quiet for now. ;) Oops! Did I say that?) Niall has a lot of female friends, and he's been linked with every one of them, along with most female celebs of a suitable age, but every rumour there has been debunked in about 4.3 seconds.

So let's meet the girls we do know about, shall we?

Eleanor Jane Calder
Dating: Louis Tomlinson since around Sept. 2011
Ship name: Elounor

Eleanor was born July 16, 1992, and is and only child. She currently is a student at the University of Manchester where she studies politics and sociology. Louis says he finds it a massive turn-on when she's talking politics. :) Because of school, she is reportedly living in Manchester and in London. She has worked as a store model for Hollister, and she has a Cairn Terrier named Pepper. She is a big fan of Starbucks. (Me too, El!) Her official Twitter account is @EleanorJCalder

This relationship gets a bit of criticism from the fandom, but I think she's an undeniable beauty, don't you?

Danielle Claire Peazer
Dating: Liam Payne
Ship name: Payzer

Dani was born June 10, 1988, and is a professional dancer and part-time model. She has an older sister named Sarah. Danielle lives in London, and her official website is www.daniellepeazer.com . Dani and Liam met in 2010 when Liam was a contestant on the X Factor (UK edition) and Danielle was a background dancer. We're told that Liam expressed interest in her, and Harry decided to call him out on it. Cheeky bugger. ;) Liam and Dani started dating a while later and split up for a while in September 2012, but they got back together in fairly short order and have been pretty much inseparable ever since. Most of the fandom seems to support this relationship, as Liam seems very, very happy - and that's all we want for our boys, isn't it?
The couple recently adopted an adorable pup named Loki. Liam's either: A) a massive fan of Batman, or B) Batman himself, depending on your source. (I'm wearing a Batman T-shirt right now, too, Loki.)

Dani's official Twitter account is @DaniellePeazer if you'd like to follow her yourself.

They're absolutely gorgeous together, aren't they?

Perrie Louise Edwards
Dating: Zayn Malik
Ship name: Zerrie

Perrie was born July 10, 1993, in South Shields. She auditioned for X Factor as a solo artist but was put in a group called Faux Pas. Perhaps it was a mistake? Anyway, she is now a member of the girl group Little Mix, formerly known as Rhythmix, with Jesy Nelson, Leigh-Anne Pinnock and Jade Thirlwall. Her group is making a pretty big splash in the music world as well at the moment, and we're eagerly awaiting a U.S. tour. Perrie is quite well-known for borrowing Zayn's clothes, as well. Perrie is pretty well-loved among the 1D fandom as being adorable, yet strong and sassy - a pretty good match for our Zayn. And even his mother has said she'd make the "perfect daughter-in-law." Now that's an endorsement! Perrie's official Twitter is @PerrieEdwards

Perrie and Zayn have adopted their own crazy frickin' adorable pup who's called Hatchi.

They have quite a lot of fun together!

Now for a bit of randomness.
Here's a gif of El and Dani.

This is a video featuring "Harry's smoothest move" from Japanese TV a few months ago (along with other funny moments, but the smooth move is at the very beginning).

And here's a picture of Harry getting pantsed at tonight's concert at the O2.

You didn't really expect me to leave Harry Styles out of a post, did you?

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