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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

They've gone bananas!

Oh, my little curly imp likes to advocate healthy snacking by setting a good example.

(credit in pic)
Yes, that's Harry Styles yet again munching a banana while on stage. Word has it, when the boys popped up through the stage for their opening in Nottingham tonight, Harry was crouching and eating a banana. "Five seconds, Mr. Styles!" "Oh, ok, I can finish it then."

"Nice banana!" Oh, stop it!

Harry decided the people of Sheffield also needed a lesson in healthy eating, as he snacked on a banana there too - while performing "Live While We're Young." He clearly was not advocating table manners at the same time, as he attempted to sing with his mouth full. Then he signaled an apology so he could try to chew and swallow a little faster.

And yet, I forgive him.

Based on the other stories that came out of Sheffield, well, I'd say "healthy consumption" was further from his mind....

But anyway, in other news today, One Direction guitarist Dan Richards and musical director and keyboardist Jon Shone decided to team up with opening band 5 Seconds of Summer to redecorate drummer Josh Devine's car.

(via Dan's twitter @GuitarmanDan)

Fortunately, they did it with post-it notes, so it was just some harmless fun. I love the lashes on the headlights. :) And for those of you who were interested getting Josh Levine's license plate number, well, there ya go.

And here's the gratuitous pic of the day. Enjoy! :)

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