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Sunday, April 7, 2013

The Battle of the Boybanders: Louis vs. Tom

In a verbal scrap worthy of the WWE, Louis Tomlinson of One Direction and Tom Parker of longtime nemesis The Wanted battled it out on Twitter tonight, much to the entertainment of fans lucky enough to catch the action.

It all started when Tom called out Louis for apparently mentioning his band during a 1D gig. Tom said Louis secretly wanted to be Wanted, and Louis essentially replied that he wasn't remotely interested.

After Louis' dig at The Wanted's "bad boy" image, Tom posted some pics of them partying. Louis wasn't impressed.

Louis proceeded to post a link to an article from 2011 in which Tom lamented his own failed audition on X Factor.

After a couple more rounds during which Tom insulted Louis' talent and Louis called Tom "the biggest twat on twitter," Liam Payne got in on the action, pointing out that 1D's drummer even has more Twitter followers than Tom has.

Liam then threw in a critique of Tom's singing voice. Louis got even more personal.

Tom replied to Liam with a condescending "aww bless!" to which Liam replied that Tom was "shit."

(I'll even forgive Liam the grammatical error there.)

Eleanor Calder, Louis' girlfriend, stepped in first by retweeting a fan who said it was sad Tom had to put "TheWanted" in his twitter username because no one knows who he is. Eleanor then took the time to remind Tom's girlfriend, Kelsey Hardwick, of a recent fashion faux pas.

You can see Kelsey responded with class.

(Danielle Peazer, Liam's girlfriend, merely slipped in an "oh dear.")

Tom's bandmate Jay McGuinness had his say, which he couldn't confine to Twitter's 140-character limit.

(Click the pic above if you can't see the full image.)

When Louis pointed out the press was probably watching, Tom took a swing below the belt, questioning Louis' sexuality.

Louis took several minutes to respond, noting that Tom should probably stop paying attention to the Larry shippers on Twitter. (Larry's other half stayed completely out of it, so I can't even throw in a gratuitous Harry pic here.)

(Well, maybe a little one.)

After complimenting Jay on his writing skills (on TwitLonger, anyway), Louis decided to wrap up the battle by thanking the fans for their support.

Following the match analysis, Directioners declared The Sassmasta from Doncasta the clear winner. :)

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