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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

How did all this start?

It makes sense to start at the beginning, right? The boys who would go on to become the phenomenon known as One Direction got their start as five individual cutie-pies auditioning solo for the X-Factor UK in 2010 - and I was right there with them. Well, I was delayed by a couple of days. I'm a confirmed, declared and confessed Anglophile, so I watch online quite a few of those shows from across the pond.

I won't claim to recall exactly how I felt during those first auditions, but I watched them. It helps that I've seen them again a few times since then. :)

Here's Harry Styles - aka The Curly One

And Niall Horan - aka The Irish One

This is Liam Payne - aka The Sensible One

And it's Zayn Malik - aka The Bradford Bad Boi

Finally, Louis Tomlinson - aka The Sassmaster from Doncaster

They've changed so much since then. Still adorable though. They've gotten a lot better too. :)

I'll admit that by the time the end of the season rolled around, my attention had mostly wandered and my One Direction updates were mostly from those grumpy, cynical and jaded malcontents I follow on Twitter ;) (I love those malcontents, btw.) Most of them were like, "Someone shut these damn kids up." "Are they still on?" And quite a few called them Wand Erection. I don't think that was meant to be a compliment.

But lurking in my home were two things - a teenage daughter who is nearly as much an Anglophile as her mother, and a preteen daughter who adores yet despises her older sister. This means that the boys were coming into my home.

My older daughter kept a lid on her obsession for quite a while, but she finally let it out when she gave me a Christmas list that read merely, "Anything One Direction." That's what she got, too. Her room is a shrine. As for the younger, she's now got a pretty good start.

And me? Well, every time we got in the car, Gin would say, "Here. Play this CD." And it snowballed from there.

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