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Monday, April 15, 2013

Off-topic: I'm gonna rant for a minute here

There's tragedy in the world every day. There's death in the world every day. Some people have made it their mission today to very sactimoniously point that out.

While many are looking at the horror of the bombings in Boston, they are noting that it's all the more evil because of the total innocence of the venue. Indeed, this race is iconic. It symbolizes health and strength and self-sacrifice and endurance and determination and will and hard work - and it was attacked. There are runners who trained for months and years to get their bodies into condition to run 26 miles - 26 MILES - who reached the finish line to have their LEGS BLOWN OFF!

Three people are confirmed dead. More than 50 are seriously or critically injured. Nearly 100 more were injured as well.

Yet when the world sends its support and tries to offer words of comfort, some arrogant ASS points out that there were deaths yesterday. Where were your sympathies when soldiers died? Where was your heartache at dead civilians - innocent people - in attacks in the Middle East? Where were you were when this or that other tragic thing happened? This is what they ask.

You know what? There are tragedies every day. Some hit harder than others. Some hit farther than others. The impact is felt stronger in some people and in some places more than others. No one can expose themselves to every evil in the world and immerse themselves in empathy for every situation. No one could survive that. Some situations just hit you in the gut. And some situations just hit a lot of people in the gut. Some of them are very, very sad. Some of them are very, very angry. You know what? There's nothing wrong with that, so get off your sanctimonious, superior, holier-than-thou high horse and shut the hell up. Let people feel what they feel.

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