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Monday, March 10, 2008

Secret pleasures, part 1

Can I talk about guilty, secret pleasures? We all have them, in varying degrees of severity. I'm indulging in one right now. It's the Courteney Cox series "Dirt" on FX. I cannot stand to watch - and therefore, I actually DON'T watch (for the most part *wink*) - the latest celebrity scandals in the tabloids or the pseudo-news 24-hour streams on cable. But fictionalized, I am loving it. Season two is taking a bit of a turn from the season one direction, but I'm finding that I'm still hooked on it. I recommend the show to anyone (is there anyone?) reading this....
It's followed by another dirty little secret of mine, "Mad Men" on AMC. Has anyone seen this show yet? Some of the best television writing I've seen in ages. "Do you want another drink?" - "I don't know...." - (whole room in unison) "Not a writer." Hahaha! Brilliant! (Ok - you probably had to be there....or be a writer.....)
Want another naughty, secret pleasure? Try two parts cream sherry to three parts black cherry flavor fizzy water. Mmmmm......nummy and naughty! Ooo, and in that same vein, I've discovered a special passion for moscato d'asti, too. That one had a moment associated with its introduction.... No, to tell the truth, it had what COULD have been a moment, but it was lost somehow. It makes me wonder sometimes if this has all been an illusion... No, I don't think it has been....but even so, has it run its course?
I don't have the strength for anything more tonight. Hmm....I'll have to revisit the secret pleasure topic another time though.....

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