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Friday, March 21, 2008

Pebbles on the path

Things I came across randomly today:

- Geena Davis' name is misspelled in the opening credits for Thelma & Louise. No, seriously. I've never watched the movie, but it came on TV today, and I saw the opening credits. I couldn't believe it and looked more closely. There it was: "Genna Davis"

- Bloggers and columnists are impressing me - and the TV folks are depressing me - on their coverage of Obama's speech. TV folks seem to be focusing on Obama's refusal to sever all connection with his pastor. Seems a little off to me...

- Beyond America's Original Sin in today's New York Times. Read this. Please.

- This story is tragicomedy at its finest BUMMER

- Late breaking news tells of some contract workers checking out Obama's passport application papers. Two workers were fired and one was reprimanded, it seems. Oh, and this apparently happened two months ago, and it's just now getting out. This is going to get interesting over the next few days.....

Too tired for much more tonight. Maybe I'll get some sleep............

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