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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Oh, how could you?

Some who know me are questioning how I - a once-avowed Conservative (although I have since disavowed any labeling of myself, as I have found it to be far too limiting) - can support Barack Obama in this election, especially as he has been identified as one of the farthest-Left members of Congress.
Different periods in history have different priorities and of course, different circumstances. Who is the right man or woman for the job depends on the time in history.
It is my belief that this particular time in history needs to see a beginning to healing of the racial divisions in this country.
Granted, there are several of his positions politically that I don't necessarily agree with, but I can live with that for several reasons.
On the war:
Public opinion so staunchly against the war that continuation of it, regardless of outcome, will be met with protests of growing vehemence from the public. The only option at this point, for an incoming president, would be to either pull out the troops and let the chips fall where they may, or get in and recognize that the area would be greatly destabilized by precipitous withdrawal at this point and explain to the public more of the reality of the situation. The further risk in this is obvious for whomever is elected - as a first-termer, there's a future at stake on a personal level too. It will prove to be a fine line to walk for any, but I don't think a Republican can provide ANY explanation for staying in Iraq that will satisfy the masses - regardless of how reasonable or logical or sensible it may seem. As I see it, a Democrat HAS to win the White House - if for no other reason than because a paradigm shift is needed at this moment to restore balance. It has always been thus - different administrations and different parties, certainly, have different priorities. Some areas get special focus while others tend to be neglected. Periodically, the whole thing has to be flipped, so everything can be properly tended. Some areas are more important to history at a specific moment in time.
On health care:
I am not a supporter of government-sponsored universal health coverage, because it is a massive expansion of government control over an area (medicine) that most effectively and efficiently functions when under the control of the private sector. We can debate that later if you want, but I'm not going further into it now. Now, having said that, with my assumption that there will be a Democrat in the White House come January, on the health plan question I find Obama's plan far more palatable than Clinton's. Her mandate for adults to have coverage is far too socialistic for my taste. This is America. Adults should be able to make decisions for themselves. (Yes, there are exceptions, but I'm not covering everything just now. Please feel free to raise questions or argue with me any time.)
On the economy:
While this one is considered the No. 1 issue on the minds of Americans lately, for some reason it still doesn't seem to be the issue that's really getting the attention. I've heard some lip service from all three remaining major candidates, but I don't think I've really heard from anyone any specific plan for economic recovery. Details - I want details. It's the elephant in the room, folks. At some point, you're going to have to admit that it's there and figure out what we're doing about it.

There's more, but I'll leave it at that for now.....

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Regular Guy said...

Very well written and extremely insightful post and I'm really not much of a "political junkie", but you definitely answered the question, "Oh how could you?"

sctshep said...

OOhh! I really like you. I might not agree with you about everything but you look like a bright, fun person to get to know.