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Friday, March 7, 2008

The big thaw....and the emergence of insomnimusings...

Have you ever seen one of those nature specials that shows the massive chunks of ice breaking away from the iceberg and crashing into the sea? I feel as if I'm living in one of those today as the temperature rises and the inch-thick layer of ice is being shed from the roof. Sporadically and without warning, the house rumbles and a huge sheet of ice falls past my window. I'll be sure to take care when I go out today and step quickly from the threshold to my car.


Now my new blog will begin to take on its anticipated shape. (Random and meandering.....don't even TRY to make sense of it.....)  Probably a good thing nobody's reading it yet - it'll give me the opportunity to break it in a bit. :) It's late at night....and as usual, I'm nowhere near falling asleep....

The big thaw came today, and I ventured out again. It appears that not a single tree in the region escaped damage from the ice. Picked up some Chinese food and got back to my cubby. Can't believe they're now calling for several inches of snow. The time change is this weekend too. Isn't spring supposed to be happening at some point here soon? 

I got to talk to *** for a little while on MSN. I felt a little better, but then, as usual, he said something that just struck me as absurd. I can't be more specific than that, but it's got me thinking again.........

Did I mention that I don't sleep? Well, there's one reason right there.....

Oooh, I watched the Idol results show tonight (well, I half-watched it...I was chatting with *** at the time). No big shocks really going into the top 12, but I was glad to see "Carrie Underwood-Light" - aka Kady something - kicked off. She just bugged me for some reason. And I was a little surprised to see Danny Noriega get hit. I figured he'd at least be in the top 12. Knew the lovely Aussie fella, Michael Johns, would be staying, even though he really didn't blow me away this week. He's just got too much...slurp appeal...for the gals calling in their votes to let him go just yet. I expected Luke to get cut - his number this week hurt my ears, and his farewell version wasn't any better. Personally, I like Jason. There's just something about him that's completely adorable, but not in that 'hit-you-over-the-head-with-my-cuteness-David Archuletta' kind of way. :)

What's next? Of course....politics. Boy, I'm a political junkie, but honestly! Enough is enough! I LOVE to watch it! It's by far the most exciting and fascinating and titillating spectator sport in the known world, but for chrissake I wish it would get the hell out of my personal life! And I don't mean in the usual way - as in anything the politicians are legislating that's having an effect on my life. No! My biggest political problem right now is ***!! It's really on the verge of insanity - or at least utter ridiculousness. He takes all the fun out of politics for me......

(No - no one is supposed to understand any of what I just wrote there......that's why I'm writing it while no one is reading yet....)

Anyway, I came to the decision tonight that I don't have to accept less than I deserve. And I deserve to be loved by someone who appreciates me and loves me completely and wants only me. I don't think that's too much to ask. Not considering the kind of love I give.  *** knows what he has to lose if he loses me. (Yeeeeeeeessssssssss........I recognize that he's crept into my every thought tonight...)

Oh, good topic on TV right now. Superdelegates. Does it strike anyone how ironic it seems that the so-called party of the people, the Democrats, have this system that allows the party bosses to essentially veto the will of the people if the popular vote is for one candidate and the party machine leaders think it should be the other guy. Granted, the superdelegates can't swing it if there is an overwhelming majority for one candidate, but in years like this - WHOA! - what kind of power is that for unelected people in this DEMOCRATIC supposed representative government system of ours?!?!

Okay, enough for tonight. I'll leave you with the latest advice from my Dove chocolate wrappers:

"Don't think about it so much."


 "Lose yourself in a moment."

See? I keep saying chocolate is the answer to everything......or if not, I can always seek out a beach in Italy.....

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