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Saturday, March 8, 2008

This thing called love...

Wanted: One kind and truly beautiful soul willing and capable of giving me a love as pure and complete as the love I offer in return.

Is that too much to ask?

Now, what about this thing called love? What it is really? That's one of those questions that if you asked a hundred people, you'd get 99 different answers. (I say 99 because one of them would be, "agree with everything my sweetie says" - that one would be wrong, of course - but somebody'd think it anyway.) And for love to work, does it require that both parties see love in the same way? Or to look at it another way, could it even be that in order for love to really work, both parties need to see love in different ways that complement and complete each other?
And is it ever ok to settle for less than that? What's worth settling for, and what is settling?
And if I were to come across someone, who in another circumstance of life might be perfect for me, but in life as we know it, can never be a real and lasting relationship - would it be wrong of me to consider enjoying a short time with this person and indulging in what could certainly make a memory worthy of carrying within each of the two of us for the rest of our days? Are we to regret that which gives us happiness even if we know that it is to be for just a little while?
And how do we know? What is that attraction - that indefinable feeling beyond physical appearance and shallow acquaintance - what is that FEELING that makes one stand out from among a hundred as someone who is - special? Then, beyond that, when we have identified (without any comprehension as to how...) that one person who stands as special, to what lengths do we go to nurture and reap the rewards of that attraction - at least in the case of that even rarer gift - that of the mutual attraction? It is rare enough to find that one who stands out among the others, and it is rarer still that the object of that attraction should happen to find that *you* are one who stands out to him. So in that wonderful predicament when the appeal is mutual, what is to be done when life circumstances render a long-term relationship all but an impossibility? I have to say, there is a strong voice in me telling me that it can be worth feeling the love as it happens, even if it can't last.

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