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Friday, March 28, 2008

Music MPD, or "I'm so confused!"

I was listening this afternoon to a great new radio station we've got going here. Its slogan is "We play anything." They really do, too. And somehow, it always seems to be stuff I like. It's a good little illustration of how I don't seem to fit in anywhere.
I was singing along to the Scorpions' "Rock You Like a Hurricane" as I pulled up behind a church bus thinking about back in high school when I used to love that song. Then it was followed immediately by Simon & Garfunkel's "Kodachrome," to which I shouted, "I LOVE this song!" and proceeded to sing along with every word of that as well. Then I did the same with Pat Benatar, Donovan, the Monkees, Bob Marley, Matchbox Twenty, Men Without Hats, Styx, Bananarama, Van Halen, UB40, and so on. I realized at that point that I must have a tremendous amount of brain space occupied by song lyrics through the ages, and maybe I should try to make my fortune on one of those "Don't Forget the Lyrics" shows. (There are two, aren't there?)
I often describe myself as having Music MPD (multiple personality disorder). I know it's true. When I'm home, I'm as likely to be listening to Tchaikovsky as I am the Pussycat Dolls - or Sara Bareilles, or Delroy Wilson, or Metallica, or Tuck and Patti, or Candlebox, or Christina Aguilera...
Coming soon.....my top songs through the decades.

(I know - it's cliche, but so's bitching about politicians and referring to things as "random".......)


Anonymous said...

okay i got it. i have to make a link list to my site. i will study it later...hehe i am not very good at doing this. but i will do it definitely. i think it is a good way to do. thanks again for the link. God bless!

ps.will let you know if the link is up. :)

Anonymous said...

got it! hehehe

finally managed to make a link in my site for your blog. :)

sctshep said...

I love yelling, "I love that song." I am like you. I am also a musician trained classicaly in piano but also played jazz for years in clubs and have two daughters who are wonderful musical theater kids so I have done a lot of that type of music also.I'm from the sixties but I like all kinds of music. My wife can remember lyrics from songs from the sixties and even earlier that I can't believe she can remember. It's scary actually.
It's nice to find you. I will share some of my political slants (which may disagree with yours) later.
Keep up the good work
Best to you
Scott Sheperd

sctshep said...

You can get me at scott@mystresscoach.com or my blogs are on blog catalog. One is called Don't Manage Your Stress - Rekindle Your Spirit and the other is Rainbows Happen. Talk to you soon.
Scott Sheperd

Jeff said...

Some of the artists you mentioned I used to listen to and still like. Music really is very powerful and can help us memorize words even unconsciously.

By the way I've got a tag for you in my other blog http://breakingpointblog.blogspot.com.