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Wednesday, March 5, 2008


I was awakened by a text message informing me that school was canceled for the day. No surprise there. A quick glance outside tells me......I can't see outside for the glaze of ice on my window screen. Well, it was a late night working on the election results, so at least I was able to roll over and go back to sleep. 
I was awakened a second time by another text message....this one from *** informing me that the weather is still awful in Toronto, and he wants to go home. After Thursday, his schedule will be empty, and he doesn't return home to Vancouver until Tuesday, but he still can't find time to travel an hour to meet me in Buffalo, while I'm willing to find the time to drive seven hours to get there. Ah well... I can't let it bother me so much anymore.
I did get to have a lovely chat yesterday with a dear new friend across the pond who wasn't feeling at his best. I'd hoped to be a comfort to him, but I think he managed to make me feel better instead. Or maybe it went both ways. He is such a darling. I'm glad our paths have crossed in this life and hope there may be more to come. 
Fortunately, considering the foul weather, I was able to stay in today and work from home. However, the confinement did wear on the girls (Gin, 9, and Munch, 6), so their friendly play quickly devolved into petty bickering and eventually, physical conflict. Munch bit Gin and found herself standing in a corner for quite a long time. So long, in fact, that by the time she was allowed out, Gin immediately invited her back to play. Gin still bears a nasty looking bite imprint in the center of her chest, but I guess anything is forgivable if there is only one available playmate and the rest of the world is encased in ice.
Looks as though I'll be wandering out of my winter cave tomorrow. At least the temperature is expected to be above freezing.
For now, another quiet evening at home. Nearly time for Idol...

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