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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Apparently, I couldn't resist commenting...

American Idol notes:

- I thought Jason Castro's number was fantastic. It wasn't vocally brilliant, but it was just such a sweet tune and the execution was quite lovely.
- Brooke was nice but completely forgettable tonight.
- Michael Johns is not going anywhere that's for sure. I thought he was slacking for a little while there, but he was back tonight.
- Carly got a little screechy.
- Wonder boy Archuleta got a little too obscure, didn't he? Not a bad performance, but nothing exceptional.
-Kristy Lee Cook's song choice was brilliant. It was screamingly obvious - but Simon called it - pretty ingenious.
- LOVED what David Cook did with Billie Jean! YES! "Blazing molten hot!" Randy said. Indeed!
My call: Hmmm.....I'm putting Ramiele and Chikezie in the bottom. Could go either way......


Lilly's Life said...

I am going for Michael Johns because he is An Aussie and talented as well of course. Love American Idol - now that is a huge success worldwide. Why can't I come up with something like that? Good post!

Lexie H said...

Hey Rachel,

Thanks for commenting on the post about Unique Sandals. BTW: David C. was Grrrrreat on American Idol.