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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Make someone smile

I made a person smile today. It was a small thing. All I did was recognize a job well done. But still, that person appreciated the recognition and responded with an enthusiastic "thank you" e-mail, and I knew there was a broad smile behind it. I'm not particularly close to this person, but still, it felt wonderful to know that I had brought this instant of happiness to someone.
It seems a trivial thing really. Now, I'll admit, there's a sort of preteen, bubblegum, girly feel to the personal slogan, "Make someone smile today." But think, wouldn't it be nice if more people thought that way? It doesn't have to be something important - just the tiniest little thing can bring a smile that can carry on as a slightly lifted spirit for long after the moment itself. Honestly, what girl CAN'T say that it feels good even hours later when someone in passing during the day says something as simple as, "I LOVE those shoes!"? (I'm sure guys must have some kind of equivalent, but I'm not sure what you all think about besides sex. Maybe sports? I don't know...... still love you though. ;) )
Today, I told an editor, "Fantastic headline!" and I know the little lift from that will carry on. Call me selfish, but it really feels good. Or spot that happiness grows exponentially and choose to make yourself feel a little better today by making someone else feel a little better. What have you got to lose?

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Matt said...

I wonder if making 100 people smile feels 100 times better?


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