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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Another day at the fair

I spent the day to day at the county fair with Book, Gin and Munch. We all had a much better time than the girls and I'd had there on Tuesday.

We had to start out with the company picnic, which was mediocre, to rate it generously. But I've been doing this long enough to know that it's always mediocre at best. From there we went straight on to the "good" rides that we hadn't been able to ride Tuesday because of the flood of teenagers that arrives each evening of the fair. (Individually, teenagers are fine. Pooh and his friends are great. But put them into a group situation without adult supervision, and they're idiots. But anyway....) The first ride was one of those big (well, this one was not so big, really) pirate ship rides that swings to and fro - or I suppose that's fore and aft. Munch was eager to go on it, because she's trying to prove herself worthy of an amusement park trip. Well, we were seconds into the ride before she freaked. The ride operator stopped the ride and let us off. No way she can handle a roller coaster. Funny thing is she's the "monkey" of the family, and Gin is so much more level-headed, but Gin's been a thrill ride junkie since she's been tall enough to ride them. Munch apparently didn't inherit my "coaster freak" gene.

Munch waited by the gate at the next two rides, which were obviously more than she could've handled. One had us standing in spinning steel baskets, and the other had us sitting in spinning steel baskets. The first was the type that has the rider pressed up so hard against the flat pillow behind that you cannot even lift an arm. The second...was not - though it had appeared to be. We were sitting on bench seats with a chain between the two steel arms in front of our laps. As the basket spun around, the whole ride (four baskets total), also turned, creating not centrifugal force but rather a sincere attempt to throw us around in the cage, less like a salad spinner and more like a salad bowl - with an OCD chef on crack doing the tossing. Gin was thrown right out of her seat, bruising her arm and scratching her wrist. Fortunately, after about two turns of the basket, she was able to struggle back into her seat. She got out of the incident with only a small bruise and some scratches on her wrist, and she shook it all off pretty quickly.

After that, we stuck with the mild stuff, including two rides on the carousel and one on the ferris wheel, and trips through the barns to see the animals. And lots of fair food, of course.

I've got an album (click to view) full of pics, but here are a few highlights.

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