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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Another storm coming.....

Gin is loving her new Webkinz. She's named it Gigi (pronounced like GG). I found it especially notable, as Munch called her Webkinz Pete, which she got back in March. Alright, no one is expected to understand the significance of that, but trust me, it's ... interesting.

Skype was completely infuriating tonight. I was trying to have a conversation, and for the longest time we couldn't manage to keep a connection for more than a few moments at a time. Just when conversation got interesting, it would cut out again and again. Grr... Finally, it held on long enough for a lovely talk and proper goodnight. It's frustrating sometimes, but still, it's a technology I have to love.

Today's word: mamihlapinatapai (look it up!)

A spectacular thunderstorm is just rolling in. That one just made me jump! Better wrap up before my connection goes!

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