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Thursday, July 3, 2008

No sex, no city, but GREAT shoes!

I went out looking very "Sex in the City casual" today - in my cute little peach summer sweater, putty-color capris and platform mules with four-inch heels. I didn't have much to do in town. I was just dropping off my timecard at the office and picking up the girls.

Well, that was my intention anyway.

While at the office, I picked up something for my mom, so after I went to get the girls, I thought I could swing by her place. I picked up the girls, and they both decided they wanted to have lunch, so we went back into town to pick up lunch before going on to Nana's. Once we'd gotten through lunch - oh, and Munch decided to pop in a Disney DVD at Nana's - my 20 minutes in town had turned into 2 1/2 hours.

So we headed out to the car to finally get back home - and I've got a flat tire. It was the best place it could have happened though. My stepdad's got an air compressor. So here I am in my parents' driveway - in the rain - hauling the compressor hose out of the garage and stooping down in my trendy togs and completely inappropriate shoes to fill my tire with air (and check the pressure...and even up the other three - two passing preteen boys seemed to glean some measure of amusement from the sight.) Good news though - the tire seems to be holding up. When I finally got home, the rain had gotten much heavier, so I did a quick toddle up the drive to the front door, stepped in, and did a Carrie Bradshaw-on-the-catwalk face plant in my foyer. Broke a nail. Damn it. But, yes, I still love the shoes.

Speaking of shoes (which are, btw, my No. 1 love among inanimate objects), I am the proud new owner of the HOTTEST pair of Mario Bologna shoes. Now I'm going to have to find an outfit worthy of them......

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