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Friday, July 4, 2008

Bye bye, Miss American Pie

Our Friday fireworks didn't get rained out, so Munch was happy. The show was pretty good, and I tuned the car radio to the radio station that was running the soundtrack for the much, much larger show in the city an hour away from us. It didn't quite match up, but it still seemed to add something to the whole show. Now, if the rain holds off tomorrow, we might get two shows. Munch is getting spoiled. :)

I had another nice long chat with my friend Z in London. He's getting set to take the first steps in what could be a new relationship for him. He's already completely taken with her. I wish him the best of luck. He's an absolute sweetheart and deserves only the very best. Yay, Z! Love you, sweetie!

I got a bold illustration of my own geekhood today. I was watching the Twilight Zone marathon on SciFi (no, that's not the geeky part), and there's a guy talking to a bartender about someone he sees in the mirror but not in real life. So the guy says, "Can you see him?" The bartender says, "See who?" The guy says "See whom - objective case." I literally APPLAUDED. Whoo! Grammar! I'm such a frickin' nerd. I swear, I perk right up if I hear the mere mention of diagramming a sentence. Don't give me math until I've had my coffee, though. I know boy nerds are hot (I think so, anyway). Are girl nerds hot? If not, I'm in trouble....

Fortunately, I'm coming across a few here and there who appreciate a nerd girl like me. I need to do some more traveling. Now that I know they're out there, I should get me one. I've even come across some of those who can appreciate my shoe fixation - "Buy both." Haha! I could love a man like that! Did I mention that I just bought a pair of Mario Bologna shoes? Yes, I did. Hot, hot shoes. I'm gonna be high on that for two or three months, at least. I have to get a new dress. Then I have to get a life in which to wear it. Hmm.... Ok, I'm working on that one. Making strides. Moving forward. Miss American Pie's getting out in the world.

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