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Monday, July 7, 2008

Need more Sundays like these

I had a nice quiet Sunday with the girls today. Everyone slept late after staying up too late last night, so we took Book home and went straight to lunch. We arrived at the restaurant just as another pair - an older lady and her mother struggling to get through the door with her walker - was following us through. As the hostess arrived to greet us, of course I asked that she seat the other party first. The daughter reached out her hand and took mine behind her mother's back and mouthed the words, "Thank you." It was the simplest thing - but a good moment.

We had a delicious lunch and went on to the rest of our Sunday errands, then we came home to just relax for a while. It felt great to do nothing for a while except watch the frog swim and play with the girls.

I had another good chat with Z in London. It's becoming an almost daily thing. It's nice to have someone with whom one can talk so easily.

I had a lovely chat with D in Manchester tonight, too. He really needs to start getting to sleep earlier. :) But he helped me with my column topic for work, so I'm not complaining. I just like talking to him anyway. He's a kaleidoscope. :)

We thought our new little backyard froggie had taken leave of our pool this evening, but Munch ran out before bed to see if he might have returned - and he has! I wonder how long he's been up to this?

I did have to reattach a koala head after a power struggle over some Webkinz, but overall, it was a pretty good day. :)

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