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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Wait-and-seeing spots ...

Woohoo! I'm on Wikipedia! Well, I've been on for a while as a reference on one of the foreign-language pages (I don't recall which language), but now, I'm in English! The listing has two references, and the vast majority of the entry refers to an article I wrote. Too cool! Funny thing is, the entry just popped up a couple of weeks ago, and I wrote the article six years or so ago, I think. So the wiki is already outdated - or at least, woefully incomplete.

I am smiling a lot more lately. I'm liking this feeling. Or I should say, I'm likin' it. This is good. Yeah. I think it is.

I've got a meeting with the boss tomorrow. No idea what it's going to be about. I think it's just him and me. Hope so. My guess is that he's talked to the group publisher, and they've got a proposal regarding my work arrangement. If they'd leave well enough alone, they'd save the company money, but if they offer me a raise, well.... we'll have to wait and see. I do hope my boss presented my case honorably. He should have. I've had his back more than once, and he's always been able to count on me to come through.

I'm really looking forward to my upcoming trip. I should start looking into some activities. It's Chicago, baby! Gotta be somethin' goin' on! Hehe. I think I'm kind of excited a little.

Oooooooooohhhh great......... (that was sarcasm, btw). Munch has just come in to show me her belly...and chest and face and back and legs... which are covered in an unexplained rash. No fever. That's good. It's not really bothering her. Also good. Wait-and-see mode. I hope I don't break out in spots tomorrow. If I do, we'll have to go into lockdown. She spent the night at her dad's Saturday. Bunch of kids there. This could be almost anything. But she's had chicken pox and, of course, all of her shots. *sigh* Wait and see.


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